You agree to do the thing without messing up anything. We will also do the same.

Once you've made the thing we can use the thing you've made for a while, without you or us getting more things after having done the thing, and no more things will change hands nor will more things be needed, ok.

If the thing you've done is not a good thing, then you shall reap all the things (upstream things and downstream things) and we can't reap all the things you shall surely have sown.
But, if its a good thing, then we'll happily stand beside you and the good thing you've done, and bask in the second hand glowing of your glorious thing.

You'll not screw up anyone else's thing-making or you'll be the bad, bad thing. And that is a bad thing to be.

Helping others to make their thing is a good thing and you might be rewarded for that. That is a very good thing.

Obey all the laws and rules that the 'The Man' & 'The Woman' lay down while you are doing your thing.
Their laws and rules are just. We and You shall not mess with the laws and rules of Their Things.

You shall not make off with anyone elses thing unless they say you can have their thing.
Absolutely. In writing. On Hand. Proveable. This is a big deal. Do not mess with some elses thing.

More things to come, but you get the idea.