Structured like most film comps 7d7n reads like an already familiar competition programme.
few essential changes are very clearly visible...

Once registered and paid, Teams may make contributions to The Collective Pool of Awesome. Seven (7) contributions only per Team.
Once entered, your Contributions cannot be edited, deleted or exchanged.
Replacements are not permitted.
Moderation is in effect for CPA contributions, unsuitable/offensive contributions will be deleted.

All Team-members MUST bring CASH MONEY to the Film Budget. Team members will contribute not less than $20 &
not more than $2,000 per person to their teams ‘above-the-line’ budget. Schools Team budgets (Primary, Intermediate & High schools)
begin at $5
per person & not more than $2,000 per person per team member. (Yeah, right...)

The Film Budget is for addressing ‘above-the-line’ costs. ‘Above-the-line’ means ‘in-front of the camera’ costs: wardrobe, hair, make-up, pyrotechnics, set construction, kit hire, special effects, actor fees, location travel, communication costs, event access costs, consumables,
yaddy yaddy yadda.
Gifted or free items and services, if they are sourced from 'outside' of your Team, are not subject to this limit, all payments from the Film Budget must be accounted for in The Production Report required by Day 5. Persons or businesses
may be paid for their services, skills and equipment where applicable. The Film Budget cash is collected directly by the Team Leader, or a suitably nominated person.

Maximum Duration is 14:00 This is NOT a goal, or even a challenge. Minimum Duration is 01:00

00:30 of stock footage is permitted, all origins and copyright must be accounted for in Credit Seq and Production Report.

Up to 25 ‘stock photographs’ may be used in the total duration of the film.  Origin and royalty status must be shown in the Credit Seq.

Original music, royalty free or CC only. Origin and full credit for music used must be shown in Credit Seq.

THE WEEK BEFORE LAUNCH: Wednesday 12th October 2017, 7am
49 Genres will be posted here. Teams will select ANY GENRE or combination of genres that they wish.
Once selected and posted Genre choices cannot be altered.

LAUNCH 7pm Thursday 19th October 2017, Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (by the Wharf) Dunedin, NZ
A Grande Affair, the first of many. Shouldn't you be there? You don't have to rush off into the night either.
Teams will select SEVEN contributions from the CPA; SIX made by other Teams and ONE from your own Teams contributions. Choose wisely, as ALL 7 SELECTIONS MUST be included in your film.
Selections are posted on the 7d7dn website.

HANDOVER 7pm Thursday 26th October 2017, , Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (by the Wharf) Dunedin, NZ
At the appointed place, Team Member(s) will cross the Finish Line with their completed film, on a new, clean, USB (technical details here). Refreshments are provided, then, celebration as we watch the clock countdown to 00:00:00!!

Heats TBC
Entirely depending upon uptake from the film community at large, 7d7n may need to have more than one screening night to accommodate all of your awesome films. This would be fantastic!! Details of the Screening Event posted here soon.

The Premiere of the 7d7n Films will take place at an appointed time & place, TBC. Your input is needed and desired. Stay tooned.

Of course, all the filmmakers must abide by a code of conduct whilst making their films, observing and adhering to the laws of the land, respecting property rights and behaving with sensible conduct while making film in public.
Release forms* must be obtained for all privately owned locations and for all on-screen talent.

Films with themes, scenes or sub-text of encouraging, permitting or advocating hatred (racial, ethnic, sexual or religious), sexual violence, animal cruelty or explicit pornography may be considered as unsuitable for judging and may be excluded from the 7d7n Premiere.