The day BEFORE the comp begins you can select your Genres from the list of 49 genres posted on this site.
The 49 Genres can be combined to build new, exciting, mutated themes and ideas.

Teams contribute to The Collective Pool of Awesome, a user compiled pool of resources, ideas, suggestions, tricks and incentives invested by participating teams. Teams then draw from the Collective Pool of Awesome.
The duration of the competition is 7 days from Launch to Handover, permitting greater development of ideas and providing time to deliver a more polished completed film.

Maximum Duration is 14:00, This is not a goal, only a maximum duration.

It should be stressed that no-one, ever, ever, ever expects anyone to be
fully 'on' during the whole week.
You have a week to make your film, so use what available time you have to contribute to making your film.

Three mandatory components are built into the front of 7d7n.
These are necessary and they have many positive implications.
They are: Advertising, Budgeting and Reporting.

From Day 1 you'll post a picture EACH and EVERY DAY of your film in production
Only on Day 4 will you post a 7 line synopsis of your film
Only on Day 6 , you'll will post a single video (up to 1 minute in duration) that is a combination BTS/Trailer/Team Intro.
Teams are actively encouraged to promote their team & film through social media in the weeks leading up to the 7d7n Premiere, building buzz, encouraging fans and supporters, and generating hype for their film.

Each Team Member contributes cash money to the working budget of their film. The purposes of a having a limited working budget are manifold, such as:
Observing how micro-funding encourages innovation and resourcefulness.
Visible, practical and responsible budgeting. Demonstration of local craft persons & trades.

Subsequently, the presence of a budget requires some transparency. 
Before the film is handed over, a Production Report must be posted, detailing how the film funds were utilized, how many (approx) hours were invested in the creation of the film, and the usual cast and crew list, etc.
Many heroes of film often perform their works unrecognised, and many labour hours are not expressed or honoured.
In a small way The Production Report will correct those unintended omissions.

                       The 7d7n Golden Rules                  
Pre-Launch        The Day Before         The Genres are posted on the 7d7n website.
                                                           Teams make their Genre selection(s), posted to the 7d7n website by 7pm of Day 1

  1.                       Day 1 / Rule #1         On the First day you must write, you will NOT shoot anything EXCEPT 1 still picture
                                                                Teams post their Genre selection(s) to 7d7n website by 7pm.

  2.                       Day 2 / Rule #2        MAKE! and Post your 7 selections to 7d7n website by 7pm and 1 still picture

  3.                       Day 3 / Rule #3        MAKE! and post 1 still picture

  4.                       Day 4 / Rule #4        Post a 7 sentence synopsis of your film story to 7d7n, and 1 still picture.
                                                               DQ if not completed. Midnight deadline

  5.                 Day 5 / Rule #5       MAKE! Post the ‘Production Report*’ and and 1 still picture from your film. 
                                                               DQ if not completed. Midnight deadline

  6.                 Day 6 / Rule #6       Post a BTS/Trailer/Team Intro Up to 1 minute, and 1 still picture                                                            DQ if not completed. Midnight deadline               

    1.                 Day 7 / Rule #7       Handover! Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St,
                                               (by The Wharf),    Dunedin, NZ,
                                          Pictures will be taken at the Handover

                       Day 8                REST, you've earned it.

      1. Heats will be announced, and then Films are released via the 7d7n website, sharesites and links to social media.
        A Panel of Judges will be convened and Prizes* awarded in various categories at the 7d7n Premiere TBA.

        DQ: Sad, but true, but at least you’ll know why.

        (Late)                           The film was not handed over-the-line in time; ie After 7pm Friday.
        DQ-T (Technical)                   The film will not play from the handover USB
        DQ-F (Failed to Include)        The Film did not include all 7 CPA selections.
        DQ-R (Rule fail)                     Team did not follow the 7d7n Golden Rules; ie, failed a required posting