The 49 Genres Are Perhaps the Kindest Kiss of them all!

We will supply 49 Genres for you to choose from!!

From 2016:
Team ' PlanetFoxFilms' picked A very Black / Bloody comedy film
Team 'Summer reading, half price' picked That one that was the Dark / Supernatural Tale
Team Nitro selected The Returned / From Beyond the Grave film
The Underdogs picked "Whut?! Non-dialogue - text not permitted.
Wow! That is stirring stuff!

Check out a sampler of the CPA and stay tooned!!!! The rewards and thrill of getting away with your choices are supreme!

The 2017 Genre list is a closely guarded secret, but I will tease you with a few select cuts as the weeks and months go on.
2017 is about to get real! Stay tooned.