Its all tea and bikkies until you deliver your film at the Handover Venue (TBA)
Hand over a NEW clearly labelled USB with your film presented thus:

00:02"  BLACK          
00:15"   SLATE will show
Team Name, Film Name, Genre(s), 7 CPA Selections & Film Duration.

The maximum duration is 14’ 00”  This is not a freakin' goal, just a maximum duration
Duration is defined as ‘First Vision/First Sound after Slate, to Final Frame of Closing Credit’        
INCLUDED in The Duration MUST be a (MOS) Closing Credit not less than 7 seconds duration that MUST read…

“Made for The 7days7nights Film Competition 2017”
You may also include as (MOS) TEXT ON SCREEN ONE LINE used in your film

For now, lets use these, rather familiar, parameters:
Video H.264  Audio: AAC-LC,
MP4, 25fps, 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080,
16:9, 1.0 (Square Pixels), Progressive
1280 x 720: 8mb/s
1920 x 1080: 10mb/s  
Audio: 192 kb/s, 48kHz
Media: USB FAT32 or equivalent
Note Well: Your USB's will not be returned. I'm making furniture out of them.

Out of Towner Delivery

1) Export your finished film to file

2) Use an md5 checksum utility to create a signature for your file
Mac: ff_md5drop from

3) Send the checksum to
Subject: TEAM-NAME Checksum
Content: Team [Your team name]
Movie [The title of your awesome film]
Filename [TEAM-Title-7d7n2016.mp4]
Checksum [paste that puppy here]

4) Upload to
(if you need one, create a free account BEFORE the competition.)

5) share your video on Wipster with our email address

DONE!, NOW SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE - kinda important this bit

The jury is still out on 4k and 3D delivery for 2017. Please standby. I'm sure there is more to say & do here, but for now, thats it.