Film, per se, is delicate. Its an exercise in patience, "hurry-up-and-wait", cold pizza and best intentions. It is so fragile that a shadow can ruin a shot, so can a lost line, a flat battery, some muppet walking through the back of shot, or a prop gun won't fire. Planning two, three, four moves ahead of yourself can be exhausting, and occasionally counter-intuitive, but keeping a clear head, have 'Plan B', 'Plan C' or more is a wise exercise.
Patience, especially amongst crew when they are not being active is a blessing to the director/producer.

While we were on location, a notable from the Film Commission once joined us, we were a little awkward around this guy, I mean we were just loitering around waiting to do our thing, and he commented, pointing to all the people standing around with their hands in their pockets "Yup, thats film-making."

If the 'top end' crew (1st AD, Camera, etc) can handle the technical production needs away from the directors gaze I believe significant scales of production/output value can be gained.
If the director can place their attentions and efforts on the actors and their deliveries, blocking, action lines etc etc and not on the dolly tracks, crane positioning or battery life, then the result of everyones efforts, the dailies/footage to be edited, should be of a much higher caliber.
At the end of the day, or night shoot, all that the editor has to work with is the stuff 'in the can.'
The editor cannot significantly improve an acting performance that was not guided or shaped to its best by a director whose attention was elsewhere.

A simple, enduring, utterly proven truth is this wise, wise legend:  If you can't pay them, feed them.
Its almost too simple to grasp, but it is a fundamental truth. If your team is 'hangry', tired, cold, or over-heated from hot lights, and all you provide are sticky drinks, dry chips and a pottle of hummus then you won't get the best from them.
Feed your crew well and just watch the results!
A well nourished crew feel appreciated, will put in extra efforts and go-the-extra-mile if they know that hot, nourishing food awaits them at the end of the shoot. Food, especially well crafted, (home cooked), is cheap compared to fatty, greasy takeaways & stale sandwiches from the 24/7.