Your Art-Tools are many.
Your Team having a strong, practical, working knowledge of each one is more than just good practice, it enables your team to be flexible and responsive to the needs of your script, location, weather, access, actors etc etc.

Lights, Cameras, Sound devices etc etc all have manuals that can inform you of their various capacities,
and most cameras and similar devices have wide bodies of internet experience for you to draw from too.

Knowing the capacities and limitations of your technical art tools informs you of what is, and is not possible.

Here is a wee gem....
'Once, long ago, I was on a shoot that ran overtime. We were loosing the light quickly so the director made a snap decision to reclaim the segment in 'Night Shooting' mode, so we didn't have to return for another days shooting.
For about a half hour he planned camera moves, made blocking changes and destructive prop decisions. We worked in close to freezing conditions. Much effort was made by an already exhausted crew to realise this new vision.
All for nothing, because the sonofabitch hadn't checked if the camera had 'Night Shoot' capacity. It didn't.''