Team Dynamics
Film making, in the broadest sense, is not a democracy. Its a moderation of tyranny, collective communal effort and more tyranny. Whatever your team make up is, you must agree that the person in charge of 'that' department is in charge of that department. That may mean taking orders from your friends, giving orders to your family and having those orders/instructions/directions respected and followed. Think you can do that?
If you don't think you can do that, get out of the way of the person who can.
Just who does what, and who does not, is essential to getting it done.
The 'Vertical & Horizontal' framework of your team is essential to get right.
You may not have a lot of people on your team, but you do need to know just who is responsible for what task.

Camera Operator & Cam Assist
Lighting, Gaffer, Cables
1st AD / 2nd AD
Sound Op & Boom Op.
Clapper, Data Wrangling
Location Manager / Transport
Art Dept/Scenic
Music / Sound Design & effects
Production Assistants
Post Production Staff

Occasionally, hopefully very seldom,  you may encounter a team member will be disruptive, causing 'issues', distracting others from the task at hand or generally just being a pain in the ass.
Groups of people can have that effect on some people.
My advice: Gently loose them. Its tough enough to make a film, much tougher if you're fighting a 'Peyton Place' psycho-drama off-screen too.
Team Leader/ Producer/1stAD should excuse the person from the team and, where practical and necessary, patch up the friendship after the film has been successfully handed in.