Resource Listing is one of the most valuable, yet under-rated efforts in low-budget film-making.
Have you ever watched at a 'big budget' flick and wondered where'd they get those awesome toys from?
Mostly, they get them from their friends. Friends who have great stuff.
You've probably a few friends like that too. So heres what you do...

Gather your team together and assemble a detailed list of all the 'stuff you have', everything.
You probably don't realise how awesome your stuff is.
Like: places where each of your team live, work, have holidays or even just nice places they know, they are all potential locations, or sets, I will include family members, other (non-film team) friends, and people I know well as potential places to shoot. Make a list, addresses, phone numbers, contact details etc.

Clothing is another valuable resource. Assess the clothes you have, and those of your team: Glamour, costuming, work, cultural, bizarre, uniforms, etc etc And don't forget shoes. 'Oh, this old thing?' could be just the thing.
Wardrobe speaks for your character so your character doesn't need to speak.