Competition Dates are final! 7PM, 7pm Thursday 19th October 2017 to 7pm 26th October 2017
CONTACT ME if you'd like to host a 7d7n LAUNCH at your city/place/habitat/biosphere.

Team Registrations will open 1st August 2017. Once you are registered your Team may make 7 contributions to the CPA. Enter your team here. 7d7n Entry Fee is $150 per team. Begin by making a team....the minimum team size is 1, with no upper team size. (I once heard of a team of more than 50! You can imagine how well that went!)
The Day Before the comp Launches, from 7am Wednesday 18th October 2017, you may choose your Genre(s)
The 'window' for choosing your genre(s) is open until 7pm, Thursday 19th 2017, the Competition start.
Your Genre choice(s) are posted for all to see here and once posted, they cannot be changed.

Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (by The Wharf), Dunedin, NZ, any other centres will be confirmed soonest.
Dates have not and will wont change. If you'd like to host a 7d7n at your city/place/habitat/biosphere CONTACT ME.

The Competition Starts! You may then choose 7 elements from the CPA, y'know, SIX from the General Population of the CPA, and ONE MORE from your teams' contributions to the CPA.

Your Team MUST post your selections with 24 hours from Launch, deadline is Friday 20th October 7pm. (or DQ-T)
Once made, CPA selections cannot be altered. DQ if you do not meet the deadline for posting.

These Mandatory Requirements during the 7d7n Competition period.
#1      7 line synopsis
#2     The Production Report
#3     BTS-Trailer-Team Intro

Get to the Handover!
At the Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (by The Wharf), Dunedin, NZ, you (and your amazing Team) will handover a
NEW, clean, well-labelled USB with your awesome film within. A NEW USB, dammit! Technical Details are here.
A Deadline is a deadline is a deadline and that is 7pm NZT, Thursday 26th October 2017
A countdown clock will be on this website and on the wall of the Handover.

If you arrive after 7pm, the Milky Bars are on you. Seriously, bring Milky Bars.

Hmmm, I can not predict how many film/teams will enter this year, (this being Year 1) thus, I am unable to predict if we require Heats. I sincerely hope that we do need them, and with your help and distribution of the 7d7n idea, we will.
With that in mind, please link this website to everything!! Stay tooned. If Heats are needed, you betcha I'll keep you informed.

The 7d7n Premiere!
Black Tie, Best Frock. A grande, gala affair, of course, at a place and time advised well in advance.
We'll watch your amazing films, Judges will award category prizes with a King Hit Winner announced and fun, film & friends will be the order of the evening. 
The format of the show has yet to be finalised, and I'd really appreciate your input.

Stay tooned, there is so much more to come!