FAQ's, lots and lots of FAQ's

Q/ Whats the price to enter?
A/ NZ$150 per team. This is a flat fee across all teams.

Q/ When is the 7d7n competition?
A/ Dates and times are set in stone.
Genres are released on-line 7am Thursday 12th October
7d7n Launches 7pm Thursday 19th October 2017
Dunedin NZ Launches from Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (on the wharf) 7pm sharp!

Other centres are in potential. If you wish to host a 7d7n event in your town, contact us!
Collective Pool of Awesome
Selections must be completed online by 7pm Saturday 1st October.
Handover Venue Dunedin is (as above) Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, (on the wharf) 7pm sharp!
The Deadline is NZT 7pm Thursday 26th October 2017

Q/ My Team is broke. Do we really have to bring cash money?
A/ Yes. Its for your film budget, not for refreshing libations and gourmet jellybeans.
Minimum of $20.00 per person, ($5.00 for school teams), maximum coinage is $2,000.00 pp
External Sponsorship is permitted, but must be accounted for (in real world costings) in the Production Report.

Q/ I want to compete from out of town/another country. Can I?
A/ Yes. On-line / Outer Zone entries are welcomed. We'll make it easy for you.
An Out of Town / Outer Zone Entry Page will be added very soon.

Q/ Do we have to make a 14:00 film?
A/ NO. 14:00 is NOT a requirement or even a goal. However, your film must be longer than 01:00.
14:00 is the Maximum Duration that your film can be, including Closing Credit, but, please.....

Q/ Does my Team really have to contribute 7 things to the Collective Pool of Awesome?
A/ Yes. 7 is a mandatory submission requirement.
However, your submissions can be widely varied in their subject matter, purpose, difficulty and intensity.

Q/ Our Team is really, really regretting our contributions to Collective Pool of Awesome.
Can we remove our contributions and then contribute new/better ones?
A/ NO. Once contributed, you cannot alter your contributions.
If you truly regret your stoopid, stoopid contributions, advise us and we'll consider removing them.
You will, however, NOT be permitted to make 'fresh'/replacement contributions.
NB: If any contribution to the CPA is deemed to be offensive, demeaning or harmful, they'll be moderated (removed),
and you will be sternly advised. You don't want that.

Q/ What if no-one selects any of our contributions to the Collective Pool of Awesome.
A/ That's tough. It doesn't mean anything, other than perhaps you'll consider more wisely for next year.

Q/ We've changed our minds about our 7 selections from the Collective Pool of Awesome.
Can we 'put them back' and pick new ones?
A/ Nope, nope, nope. Dude, your CPA selections are final. Make it work, somehow. Deal with it, dumbass.

Q/ What are the prizes?
A/ Prizes will be announced as we approach the Competition Launch. We are working on it.
Its our first year, so probably be something to do with some stuff or maybe not.
If you'd like to sponsor a prize, we're very cool with that too. Contact us.

Q/ Is it OK if my Team gets a sponsor?
A/ Heck, yeah! Go for the gold. Whatever their contribution is, (cash or materials, services etc etc) their material contributions must be addressed, at current market value, and accounted for in the Production Report.
You should have receipts.

Q/ We don't have film or video cameras, only a bunch of camera-phones. Can we still enter?
A/ Of course! As long as your handover film fulfills the Technical Delivery standards (y'know, HD) then you can shoot on damn near anything. There is no restriction or minimum on technical capacity.
Although you might want to reconsider using this idea....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU7XWTpRwDo

Q/ We are animators. Will that affect our genre choices?
A/ NO, animation is considered a style/delivery choice and will not affect your Genre choice.

Q/ The 49 Genres look hard. Where do they come from? Who makes them up?
A/ Magical Elves. Now, stop asking. Seriously, stop.

Q/ We know someone who is keen to help make our film, but they want to be paid. What should we do?
A/ Negotiate a rate of pay that you can both agree on. Free is cool, but being paid fairly for what you do or have, (specialist skills or kit) is actually cooler. They'll be paid from YOUR Film Budget, so go easy.

Q/ Who owns the films once they're handed over?
A/ You retain total ownership of the film from go to whoa.
7d7n asks for your permission (in the Terms & Conditions) to view and exhibit the film once you've handed it over
and for use in other events later. We may negotiate with you for advertising, exhibition and other use rights.