The CPA are your Contributions to the competition, please read the page above about them, these are a smaple of the CPA from 2016

Prop - Hat
Technical - Worms eye view shot
Dialogue - 'Oh no everybody run'
Character - Derek
Location - Water
Costume - Red colour
Technical - Macro shot
"Dang you, James!"
Summer reading, half price
A fun decapitation
"...chunks of dead backpacker..."
[Akira Reference]
A blind man that isn't blind.
Twist ending
Dialogue - "Whoopsie Doodle"
Character - Rodger
Prop - Phone
Location - Forrest
Technical - Super Wide Shot
Costume - Clown
Dialogue - "This can't be good"
Name: Ermentrude
Dialogue: a belch
Technical: full circle around a subject
Sound: Gate latch closing
Technical: rush zoom
Dialogue: I can't help with that
Prop: bunch of at least a dozen keys

In case you weren't paying attention...but just to be sure, once your team is registered your will make
7 'contributions' to the CPA, you will select 6 from contributions made by other teams and then select one
of your own contributions. Got the idea? Good.

Get yours to us via email, Make your 7 contributions to the CPA now! Post them to us at once you've registered. CPA Selections must be posted no later than 7pm Saturday 1st October.

The contributions are limited only by the many necessaries of film: location suggestions, props, lines of dialogue, tropes, sound and light cues, action cues, plot twists, etc etc Please include some exciting/adventurous/brace things for your film friends to select from.