A Story

I'm Craig Storey, a media professional with three+ decades of service in radio, tv, film, theatre and print.
I've thrown my hat into the ring a number of times in various arenas, mostly leading the charge, often times just following the flag. Over time I've seen competitions and competitors grow and develop their skills and capacities.
It has been, in equal parts, immensely rewarding and frustrating.
Rewarding to see them develop, shine and glow with pride as their work is admired and applauded
and frustrating to observe the hieratical limitations they often times have to endure in order to make manifest their craft.

I felt there was a need for something else. A time-limited film making competition that could grow and expand for them,
a relevant and coherent process, and perhaps an opportunity for the comp to become more challenging.
Strange new directions could be explored, and the idea that there would be more direct involvement from the film-makers themselves seemed very appealing, and the exchanges I had with film-makers was very posititve.
So 7days7nights slowly (very slowly) came into being.

I welcome your input, your constructive feedback, user suggestions, development ideas and maybe even a little labour,
so this competition may continue to grow and develop.
Try as I might, I am unable to 'do this' alone. I recognise that I really do need your help to build this competition.

And yes, 7days7nights is spelled without spaces between letters.

Why? Becauselifemovesprettyfast.