While listed elsewhere on this site, we should examine The 7d7n Week.
7pm Thursday 19th October til 7pm Thursday 26th October 2017
Unless you're under the influence of a trust-fund or some other narcotic, you'll have a real-world job, a real-world life and real-world distractions. We all do.  Just like sports events practises, music and theatre has rehearsal schedules, film making involves scheduling around people and places, film requires adequate organisation (like everything else in your life.) Film requires commitment to your art and your craft.
I am empathetic to your real-world life, but film is life. Organise accordingly.

The Genres are released the day before Launch, 7am Wednesday 18th October 2017.
Teams will select their Genre(s) and post them to the 7d7n website before 7pm Thursday 19th October 2017.

In Dunedin, NZ, we Launch on Thursday 19th October 7pm sharp from The Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt St, by the Wharf. See the funky map below. 

Day 1
On the First Day you must write, you will NOT shoot.  While this sounds easy, it is not.
Its great from a screenwriters point of view (pardon the pun), but it does extract a day from the production period.
There is no way for 7d7n to police this, of course, however the 'spirit of the idea' is for teams to really invest in their story,
permit the story to percolate, mature, rewrite, mature some more and develop your stories strengths by identifying its weaknesses.
You should also closely examine the assets of your team, plan the (week long) schedule and build confidence and strength in the story
that you're going to create. Make it big, but make it easy. TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website

Day 2 Make!
UPDATE: Selections from the Collective Pool of Awesome will be finalised before competition start
Selections are posted to the 7d7n website. DQ if not completed. TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website

Day 3 Make!
Get on with it. And keep getting on with it. TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website

Day 4
Take a moment to review your story. Consider your audience. You'll post a 7 line synopsis of your film to the 7d7n website and everywhere else too! Far and wide!  This allows your contemporaries, fans and supporters to 'grasp onto' and build some buzz about your film. DQ if not completed. TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website

Day 5
TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website, and DO NOT FORGET The Production Report is a little 'paperwork' to verify that you're paying attention to what you're doing. Its a transparent layer of accountability for how your film budget was invested and how you are using your assets. DQ if not completed

Day 6
The BTS/Trailer/Team Intro (All-in-one) Maximum Duration 01:00.
Here your buzz can really get its traction on. Your audience, close to frenzy after being mercilessly teased with a 7 line synopsis and a handful of tasteful stills, can finally get some screen-time with your art and craft. There is no specific format to follow for your BTS/Trailer/Intro.
It can be a wild, hyper-cut, brain wrecking, slash ride or a modest, sincere, contemplative thinkpiece, it is completely up to you.
The BTS/Trailer/Team Intro amplifies your online hype and pre-sells the film to your audience. You are actively encouraged to distribute your BTS/Trailer/Intro through your own outlets as promotional material, but it must be posted to the 7d7n website first.               
DQ if not completed
AND TAKE A PHOTO, post it to the website

Day 7
The Handover Experience, well known to those from similar competitions, is a gathering point for Teams and their supporters.
A deadline is a deadline
is a deadline though, and 7pm Thursday 26th October 2017 is set in stone, on the wall. 
A clock will be counting down. An opportunity to share stories, pat each other on the back, talk film, make friends and most importantly hand over your completed film!

The Great Hereafter....
Should 7d7n gain a lot of traction and participants (I hope so) we'll spread the viewing into Heats and consume your films over a number of nights. A Panel of Judges will make commentary and some modest prizes will be awarded.

Shortly afterwards comes The 7d7n Premiere, a structured event where your films are played to an enthusiastic gathering of film-makers, supporters and contemporaries. We should make something grand of this unique event and I earnestly welcome your input of ideas, labour, suggestions and support. Please make contact if you are able to help.