I can't be expressed just how damned important a good story is to your film.
Its more than 'the plot', (whatever that it), the arc, the act divisions, the mis-en-scene...its more than all of that stuff.
Its the blood coursing through it, the heat, the magnetic energy, the gravity of your story that will burn itself into your audiences hearts and minds. Its the reason why films like 'Shawshank Redemption', 'Alien', Driving Miss Daisy', 'L.A. Confidential' & 'Ferris Buellers Day Off' and many many more are still watched and referenced today.

Truth is far stranger than fiction. Listen around any family diner table, bar or airport waiting room and you'll get stories. Loads and loads of them, just listen. Casually eaves-dropping while sipping coffee can yield spectacular results!
No life is ordinary, no ones story is ordinary, its all in the telling.

So, 'writing' isn't your strength, well, neither is mine, but we can do write great characters and then smash 'em together!
Your film is about people, right? (Yeah, probably, I'm painting with a really broad brush here,) and Jim Camerons' seminal boat-that-won't--float-film, 'Titanic', isn't actually about the boat, right? Its about Jack and Rose.
Polar opposites, well conceived characters with lots to like and identify with.
Set aside all that BS about 'there was plenty of room on the door at the end for both of them', ok, and look at the characters, because that is what you're looking at when you look at film...CHARACTERS, not sets, wardrobe or sfx.

Write them lives that 'exist outside of the frame', with histories, drives, loves, success, loses, political narratives, moral highground and human flaws, past lovers, everything! and then 'smash 'em together'...on a sinking boat, or a mall surrounded by zombies, or a run-away train, or a long drawn-out plane hi-jacking, a party in the neighborhood, a bank heist..anywhere you damn well please...its the characters that remain the same.
Its only the opportunities provided by the environment that direct the story.


more to come